This Dad Has An Incredibly Valid Reason For Wanting To Tattoo One Of His Twin Babies To Tell Them Apart

Normally if this website writes about a father wanting to tattoo his baby it involves the state of Florida, a man who looks like Kid Rock and excessive moonshine consumption. This time around the story involves a desperate dad, a medical condition and no other alternative.

Here’s the issue:

Desperate dad Redditor Thrwydad took to the front page of the Internet to discuss the heart-wrenching reason why he would go so far as to tattoo one of his children. One of his 12-month-old twin boys has a serious health condition and needs to take medication every four hours. Determining who’s who is vital, and Thrwydad must always find the correct son to give the medication.

Thrwydad and his wife have been using a permanent marker to distinguish the twins, Adam and Aaron. They stopped after one horrifying moment when the boys’ grandma gave the medication to the wrong child. The mark on Aaron’s body disappeared when she gave them a bath. Adam was immediately hospitalized, and Aaron had also gotten sick from not having received his medication.

TL;DR is if he doesn’t tattoo the sick child — or come up with a solid plan B — it could end up killing the kid. Or he could tattoo the well child, I mean, the one kid is already in pain so why not tat up the healthy baby? They’ve tried everything — nail-polish, bracelets, clothes with different colors, and even completely shaving one of the boys’ head — but none of those things last forever.

So I’m saying tattoo the little guy. Some people chop skin off a kid’s penis as a child, why not tat them with a little mark so, you know, they don’t die. Plus they’re all flesh at that age. Flesh and shit diapers.

Now the only question is “what should the tattoo be?” I’m suggesting Kid Rock drinking moonshine surrounded by an outline of Florida.

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