Impatient Journalist Gets A Warm Philly Welcome When He Suggests Philadelphians Get Out Of His Way At The DNC


The City of Philadelphia is a zoo with the DNC in town this week. That’s just what happens when thousands of media members and some of the most powerful people in America converge on a metropolitan area with their various posses and security details. Most out-of-towners are enjoying Philly’s delicious cheesesteaks and charming dive bars like good guests. But some in town for the DNC are acting like entitled spoiled brats over the city’s traffic congestion.

For example, Phil Elliott — a very serious TIME correspondent based in Washington, DC. While playing the role of Super Important Journalist On Assignment, Elliott suggested that Philadelphians stay home and not go grocery shopping to alleviate the congestion.

Get it? Elliot’s inconvenience is more important than the residents of Philadelphia’s inconvenience. In one elitist, entitled tweet, Elliott managed to demonstrate why most of the American public hates the media so damn much.

Ole Phil here sounds like he’s too scared to use SEPTA’s Broad Street Line, which goes straight from Center City to Sports Complex, where the Wells Fargo Center is located:

Naturally, Philadelphians are putting such a smug tweet in its place. They went full throwing-snowballs-at-Santa on him:

This guy sums it up nicely:

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