If You’re Thinking About Stealing Fish From Indonesian Waters Prepare To Have Your Boat Blown To Smithereens (PICS)

Indonesian waters are very fertile for commercial fishing, and therefore are the target of a lot of illegal fishing from international fishing fleets looking to sneak in, fill up on fish, and get out before getting caught.

It is estimated that Indonesia loses nearly $24 BILLION USD per year to illegal fishing, so it would stand to reason that the country of Indonesia and the Indonesian Navy would want to make an extravagant example of the illegal poaches and fisherman they catch….just like these one that they bombed the shit out of within sight of shore.

This is easily the most badass way I’ve ever heard of when it comes to dealing with poachers and illegal fishermen. I think this is basically akin to flogging rhino poachers with the horns of the rhino’s that they cut off (which should totally be a punishment for those poachers btw).

The Daily Mail reports:

Two foreign fishing boats suspected of conducting illegal fishing activities are blown up by the Indonesian navy in Ambon bay, Indonesia, 21 December 2014.

The destruction of the Papua New Guinea-flagged vessels follows a government ruling to sink almost all foreign ships which carry out illegal fishing activities in the waters of Indonesia.

‘The ships have gone through legal procedures at the court in Ambon and their owners were found guilty of stealing fish from Indonesian waters. We must sink these ships so that other foreign ships will think twice before fishing illegally in our territory,’ said navy spokesman Commodore Manahan Simorangkir.

The two vessels carried 63 tonnes of fish and shrimp. 62 crewmen were arrested and several were turned over to immigration. The ships were emptied of fuel before being destroyed to prevent pollution.

The vessels will be the fourth and fifth ships sunk by Indonesia in the three months since President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo took office.

And some pics of the spectacular explosions:

For more on this incredible method of dealing with illegal fishing, you can head on over to the Daily Mail HERE.


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