This Is Officially The Most Crazy Woman On Tinder And It’s Not Even Close

In general, I don’t think we should ever be judging people for their sexual fantasies. Each person is entitled to their kinks, and if they get off on some weird shit that makes my stomach turn it’s truly none of my business.

Now that I’ve gotten that disclaimer out of the way I’d like to formally state that there is something VERY WRONG with proposing batshit crazy sexual fantasies like this with someone you’ve only known on Tinder for 10 minutes. The person below shared his story over on the r/tinder subreddit with the headline ‘am I going to die?‘…I think there’s a decent chance that fear comes to fruition if he ever meets up with this chick, and you’ll see what I mean in just one second.

What she proposes is not only inhumane it also has me wondering if this chick might be a serial killer…She goes from 0-to-60 in one message:

Run away Simba…Run. Run away and never return.

Delete Tinder. Don’t look back over your shoulder. Just take off sprinting for the hills and pray to God that you never run into this chick at a bar.

Sure, she’s got a great body but in order to get up in there you’re going to have to suck some random cock, and it’s going to worse than the mind can even imagine.

Just throw your phone in the microwave, set it for 5-minutes, and let it explode.

(h/t r/tinder)

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