Insane Video Shows Crazy Dude Threatening Drivers With Machete Before Getting Absolutely STEAMROLLED By Car



A series of three wild videos has surfaced online of a machete-wielding lunatic in the middle of the road threatening drivers as they pass.

The person who uploaded the video to Reddit indicated that they dude was a crackhead with a few screws loose. The screenshot was captured by Unilad:



Video 1: The set-up. Shows the level of crazy we’re dealing with here. Machete crackhead guy repeatedly demands a person out of the frame to “SHOOT THE GROUND!”

Video 2: The main event. Apparently he was threatening a pimp (who was driving a red car) and a pimp’s friend (white car) enters the scene later.

Video 3: The capture. Police arrive. Crackhead tries to ditch weapon.

The person who uploaded the video claims:



I have a tough time believing there were any ‘victims’ here.

[h/t Unilad]