Watch This Intense Video Of Two Massive Cranes Holding Up A Bridge Collapse Onto Houses In The Netherlands

by 4 years ago


Another angle:

WHOOOOOAA NELLY! The Netherlands coming in HOT. This had to take place in Amsterdam because no construction worker who wasn’t silly stoned would make a fuck up of this magnitude. I don’t know what kind of checks and balances are in place to decipher if something is too heavy for a crane, but I doubt it’s a guess-and-check process.

And I don’t know why the fuck a lady would be filming a construction site in the first place. I would say she’s stoned, but no way she’d react that wildly if she were. “Oh look….a crane…falling. Cool. I’m hungry.”

Regardless, props to the Netherlands splashing onto the scene. Now you just have to churn out 100 more fail videos a day to keep up with Russia. And Florida.

[h/t Unilad]