This Bro’s Interactive Light-Up Beer Pong Table Is So Next Level I Don’t Know If Society Is Ready For It

This Canadian bro just revolutionized the game of beer pong. We’re all in the year 2015, and this dude is in 2081, just chillen playing beer pong with aliens and Kim Kardashian’s sexy great granddaughter.

Jeff Nybo has created the BPT X5: an interactive beer pong table that features an LED lighting display that is programmed to move with the music, a sensitive tabletop that keeps score, and an automatic ball washer that even has an air dryer. AND LIGHTS!!!

Nybo is selling his customized kits online. The table and all the accessories will run you about $1,800. If I wasn’t a poor blogger struggling to find my next meal, I would have bought this yesterday.

But if you have your shit together and have some cash to throw around but want to make an informed purchase, here’s a list of features from the BPT X5 Kickstarter page:

“It’s overkill for a beer pong table for sure, but I had to do it I guess.”

Glad we could help, Jeff.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 3.21.50 PM


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