The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Creepy Selfie Where The Woman’s Reflection Is Facing The WRONG Way

You know the Internet: one minute it’s obsessed with cats, the other it can’t handle talking about anything that isn’t a blue/black/gold/whatever dress. But at least today’s latest obsession is something at least moderately spooky for the horror buffs in all of us – because how else do you explain the woman’s reflection in this selfie?


twitter @itsthemans

This is exactly what happens in horror movies: slightly spooky things start happening but the characters ignore all of them because “logic” and “reason,” then 30 minutes later they’re decapitated and their hollowed-out corpses are being used as log flumes in Hell’s version of Disneyworld.

Understandably, Twitter is freaking out over the selfie and the couple’s (likely) impending demise:

But according to a few eagle-eyed viewers…:

So which is it: fancy trickery or hellish magic? Let us know in the comments!

[H/T Daily Mail]