Get Thee To Ireland, Bros, Where Drugs Are Legal For At Least The Next Two Days

Let’s hear it for clerical errors and legislative loopholes, Bros.

Hip hip legal disarray in Dublin

The Irish Court of Appeal ruled this morning that the country’s 1977 Missue of Drugs Act was unconstitutional.

That means all the fun things banned in it are now immediately legal to do in the country. And let’s be honest, the only reason you aren’t high on ketamine right now (which is awesome) is because the law prevents it.

So, snort that K, shoot crystal meth and roll your face off. But stay away from pot, heroin and cocaine. Those are still illegal, according to Business Insider. That’s okay, though, because the others should be enough.

Lawmakers are planning on rectifying the issue, but can’t do anything about it until Thursday.

Politicians in Ireland are now planning to present legislation this evening to make drugs such as ketamine and ecstasy illegal again but they cannot pass the legislation into law until Thursday at the earliest.

It means that for today and tomorrow (at least), ecstasy will remain legal.

Get on a god damn plane now.

[Hugest of H/Ts to @SladeHV]