The Guy Who Said He’d Spend Powerball Earnings On ‘Hookers And Cocaine’ Is Actually Pretty Normal And Boring

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Remember the guy above who, just a few days ago, gave the most EPIC reply on live TV about what he would do with his Powerball winnings should he be lucky enough to win the jackpot? Yeah, turns out that dude was playing us all for fucking morons because, guess what, dude is married with some little kiddos running around.

Telling us all that he would buy nothing but “hookers and cocaine” with his millions of dollars, Vegas resident Isaac Carranza’s hilarious reply was sooooooo good that people just had to track him down to see what this bro was all about—and, as it turns out, he’s just some normal dude with a LOT more responsibility than most of us have.

According to a TMZ story, Carranza is an army vet who served in Afghanistan and, get this, his wife was actually cool with his reply, understanding his sense of humor. What a lady!

To further clarify himself, Isaac then went onto 98.5 KLUC Las Vegas to give the boring and PC response to the question, “what would you do if you won the Powerball,” saying he would pay for his kids’ college and buy himself a new car.

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