ISIS Commander Shares Photo Of Himself In Uniform, Internet Takes A Swirly Soft Serve Dump On His Chest

Take a good look at the photo above. On the left side we have a delicious shawarma, one of my favorite lunch (and drunk) foods. And on the right side we have ISIS commander Abu Waheeb dressed in camouflage and wearing sandals. SOCKS AND SANDALS.

These mother fuckers want us to to take them seriously, to believe they are a threat to our way of life, but he shares photos of himself with footwear like a 55-year-old dad taking his kid to visit colleges?

That photo above was first shared to Twitter by ‘LordSkipVC’ with the caption “ISIS or Kebab. Who wore it better?”, and it has since gone to get picked up all over the Internet, and picking up more steam with each retweet and share.

I’m doing my part in getting the world to laugh at these scumbags by sharing this pic far and wide, and publicly stating that I stand with the shawarma/kebab on this one. And I hope you’ll do your part by sharing this pic far and wide so this terrorist fuckbag knows we’re all laughing at him.

That picture has now entered the Internet Hall of Fame along side this favorite of mine: