45 ISIS Militants Went To Break Their Ramadan Fast And Then Got Food Poisoning And Died Because Karma Is Fo’ Real



As someone who looks forward to dinner because it’s the best meal of the day (any meal where eating a cheeseburger is acceptable is a winner in my book), this makes me so sad. Their dinner sucked! It killed them! What an awful dinner!

But as someone who obviously doesn’t support ISIS…okay yeah. Ruining dinner is worth killing off 45 of those fuckers any day. Pour one out for a ruined dinner and spit on a few graves out of spite for ISIS.

According to Metro, approximately 145 people were eating “iftar” (the technical name for the meal that breaks the Ramadan fast, rather than “dinner”) when 45 suddenly died. Not all at once like I sort of just implied; this isn’t a scene out of Mission Impossible or whatever. Probably over a period of 30-45 minutes, maybe? Maybe an hour? Definitely not 2 hours though. If your poison takes 2 hours to work then it sorta kinda sucks.

It is suggested that the food was poisoned, although it is not yet known if it was deliberate or accidental.

Haaretz reports that it is possible their food was targeted. In November, soldiers in the Free Syrian Army allegedly made their way into an Isis camp posing as chefs and poisoned their lunches, killing at least 10.

So what’s the moral of the story here? Always cook your own food? Bake your own brownies? Don’t chug from a jug that isn’t yours? Any of those would work I imagine. I’m not in the habit of coming up with morals because life isn’t some fairy tale with a lesson to be learned at the end. Sometimes you eat poisoned goat and sometimes you don’t. That’s life.

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