ISIS Is Taking Pictures With Kittens In An Attempt To Soften Their Image And Good Try, Good Effort, Douchebags

Perception is everything, bros.

Before the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, Hitler attempted to make tourists envious of Nazi Germany by displacing all ‘undesirables’ from the city, removing the ‘Jews Not Welcome’ signs from hotels, and reinstated prostitution within the city. Tourists from all 49 countries involved loved the Nazi games so much that we still carry the tradition of the torch relay, which was originated during the 1936 Games. So if you’ve ever been enamored by the torch spectacle, congratulations bro, you’re a fucking Nazi.

Let that sink in for a bit.


Welp. It appears that ISIS is trying to piss on our heads and tell us it’s raining by depicting a compassionate, cutesie side of their terror group, in the form of soldier’s taking pictures with cuddly kittens images of honeybees. The photos have been published in Dabiq, ISIS’s online magazine, that recently published a not-so-cute piece entitled ‘Why We Hate You.’

According to The Independent,

A piece entitled “Contemplate the Creation”, credited to a fighter named Abul-Harith ath-Thaghri, contained his supposed musings while on guard duty in Syria.

The article claims a cat approached the militant and, after considering “whether or not I was an aggressive or compassionate soul”, jumped in his lap.

Illustrated with a photo of an unnamed fighter cuddling a kitten at sunset against the backdrop of a sun-drenched wheat field, the piece went on to offer honey bees as supposed proof of creation.

The online magazine released periodically by the group also known as ‘Islamic State’ also includes photos of laughing children, hugging militants and rolling countryside amid its usual chronicle of atrocities and bloody executions.

Although the West is used to attaching ISIS to terror acts due to the virality of atrocities, the terror group has taken a more subtle marketing approach with Muslims.

Shiraz Maher, Deputy Director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King’s College London, told The Independent,

“Islamic State has actually been messaging to Muslims, and particularly Arabs, for years with softer images; showing children in playgrounds, bustling market places, functioning hospitals and schools. Images like this account for the majority of their propaganda.

“What they want to suggest is that they’re an ordinary and typical state where the physics of everyday life ticks over like it would anywhere else in the world. They do this not only to project an image of success for their state building project, but also to show they have a humanitarian side.”

I got $10 on that prick slicing that kitten’s throat right after that picture was taken. Anyone wanna make a bet? I got Venmo.

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