The ISOF Held A Capabilities Demonstration in Florida And, Yep, It Gave Me A Military Boner

Sure, porn’s great, but nothing gets my engines going like watching a bunch of Americans in full tactical gear running around with big guns. It says “We’re highly trained and responsible but also ready to party and shoot a few terrorists in the back of their throats with some bullets if need be.” It’s like a mullet except not really. The concept is the same.

Regardless, the International Special Operations Force (ISOF) held a capability demonstration for ISOF Week in Tampa and I’m sure there were military boners everywhere. I know I had one and I just watched the video. Imagine being there? The smell of gunpowder and the sound of chopper blades. People were probably bumping into each other boner first left and right.

Via YouTube:

“A quick look at the International Special Operations Forces Week (ISOF) Capabilities Demonstration in Tampa, Florida. U.S. and International SOF conducted combined, tactical, scenario-driven demonstration in which Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn (in light blue collar shirt and black cap) played a simulated hostage. International SOF Week brought together U.S. and international special operations leaders to strengthen and build enduring relationships among all international SOF partners. More than 80 nations were in Tampa during ISOF Week, exchanging ideas, learning from each other and building trust.”