Dude Posts ‘Cool’ Profile Photo To Facebook And His Friends Make Him Immediately Regret That Decision

Ivor Is Coming Original

Ivor Is Coming / Tumblr

Ivor Noyek from Ireland spent the Thanksgiving holiday visiting upstate New York (the Ireland of America) and a friend snapped an amazing photo of Ivor walking along country road. Ivor liked the photo so much, he made it his new profile photo on Facebook.

Bad idea.

His friends found the photo irresistibly hilarious due to what can only be described as “hipster swagger” and “being really, really reminiscent of indie film posters.”

Ivor accidentally achieved his “effortlessly cool” look so well that his friends wasted no time photoshopping him. Here’s the first effort, which began him on his way to glory.

Ivor’s friends then began memeing the shit out of the photo and their vacationing pal and launched the Tumblr Ivor Is Coming so other could upload their best Ivor photos.

The results were hilarious.

Ivor Is Coming 4

Ivor Is Coming

Ivor Is Coming 6

Ivor Is Coming

Ivor Is Coming 3

Ivor Is Coming

Ivor Is Coming 1

Ivor Is Coming

Ivor Is Coming 5

Ivor Is Coming

Ivor Is Coming 2

Ivor Is Coming

[via Some eCards]

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