Dude Drops $26K To Look Like David Beckham, Now Looks Absolutely NOTHING Like David Beckham


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Over the years we’ve seen a lot of people in the world have plastic surgery in attempt to look like a celebrity.

Almost without fail it doesn’t turnout very well.

This is another one of those cases.

Meet 19-year-old Jack Johnson. Jack is unemployed and living on benefits he collects from the government. He also REALLY wants to look like David Beckham.

In fact, Johnson wants to look like Beckham so badly that he’s already spent around $26,000 on plastic surgery.

He’s not done though. He plans on dropping another $40K or so to make the resemblance even more uncanny.

Check him out…


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Uh, bro, that’s not even close, something the hosts of This Morning, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, tried to explain to him when he appeared on their show.

As Phillip pointed out, “With picking someone like David Beckham. You’ve got to have the bone structure to work on because it’s going to be very hard to look like him.”

“Obviously I know I don’t look like him I’m not that stupid,” admitted Johnson, which is why he plans on shelling out even more cash. Totally logical.

Naturally, because it’s what always happens, Twitter had many thoughts…

I will give him this, at least he doesn’t look like a freak like some people out there who have used plastic surgery to attempt to look like someone famous.

Let’s just hope he stops before it gets even more out of hand as we’ve already learned it most definitely can.

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