17-Year-Old ‘Rich Kid Of Instagram’ Has A $2.4 Million Car Collection, But Says His Life Is ‘Not Easy’

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Jack Watkin, 17, just passed his driving test in February and already owns seven sports cars worth over $2.4 million including two Mercedez-Benzs, a Range Rover Vogue and a Porsche. All bought by his parents, of course.

He also regularly flies to resorts using his family’s private jet and spends tons of money on extravagant shopping sprees. One of which ended with him buying a Bvlgari watch worth over $700,000.

Reports the Mirror

Jack, who is still in full-time education, says: “I’m used to people being jealous of me – whether they’re teenagers or adults! I can handle all the envy.

“I know my life is different to other teenagers because I’m very blessed. I don’t have to worry about jobs and I have unlimited funds.”

“But my life is not easy. My dad has worked very hard to make sure I can have all these nice things. Our private jet doesn’t just fly itself; our pool doesn’t just clean itself; all my cars don’t automatically fill themselves with petrol. My dad has to make the money to do those things. It takes a lot of maintenance.”

See? His life isn’t all fun and games, even his family is referred to as “The British Kardashians.” Their private jet doesn’t just fly itself, you know?

According to the Daily Mail

Jack says his biggest luxury is clothes and claims he can blow up to £15,000 in a single shop in his favourite designer stores such as Balmain, Yves Saint Laurent and Fendi.

He said: “Fashion is my main expenditure. People should come to the charity shops near me because I donate all my Balmain blazers that are out-of-season to them. Most of my outfits are worth around £10,000 to £15,000. But when it comes to jewellery or watches, there’s no limit. My most expensive piece is a £500,000 watch.”

“But I think I’m much more mature than most teenagers because I’ve been able to buy expensive watches and cars all by myself. I can cope with that responsibility unlike other teenagers.”

Check out this video and judge for yourself whether or not he’s “much more mature than most teenagers.”

Watkins is set to star in a new TV series called The Majors later this year.

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