This Little Jamaican Bro Is The BEST Motivational Fitness Trainer Ever!

Are you dragging and need some motivation? Just check out this little Jamaican kid who is already such an inspiring fitness trainer.

“If you want to be full of muscles, you have to work out,” he commands during the video.

He goes for the gusto and preaches:

“STRENGTH! STRENGTH! Noooooo weakness. We don’t do weakness. We do muscle.”

He’s not afraid to call out even his friends. When his friend is just sitting there not building his muscles, he scolds him.

To his credit, this kid did get me to do THREE dips on the steps outside the building. Okay, I was only able to do two. Don’t judge.

I need this kid in my life to get me in shape, but I think I’d ruin him. My decades of apathy and awful habits would surely overwhelm and rub off on this youngster. By day four of my workout regiment, this little fella would have a Dunkin’ Donuts cruller in both of his hands and he’d be slumped on the couch watching a five-hour marathon of Dating Naked.