Japanese Game Show Goes From Athletic Competition To Man Getting His Balls Battered By An Evil Machine

Japan is not known for having completely sensible game shows like the rest of the world. Unlike countries where athleticism and strength are rewarded (*cough* American Ninja Warrior *cough*) Japan likes to air TV shows that give the contestants zero chance whatsoever to actually ‘win’ whatever it is they’re even competing at.

Case in point is this video above that shows a contestant trying to avoid getting hit by a spinning apparatus that’s steadily increasing in speed. He’s doing so well at first, but it doesn’t take long for him to end up on the ground with his ballsack getting absolute wrecked by whatever it is they’re calling that machine (the nut cracker?).

Now I’ve never been super interested in competing on any game show (other than Jeopardy!), but I’m like 99.99% sure that the fame you get from being a no-name contestant on a Japanese game show is NOT worth the pain you get from getting slapped in the nut sack over and over and over again. But as I’m wrong about many things in life I may very well be wrong about this.