The Billionaire Founder Of Added $7 Billion To His Net Worth In A Single Day

by 4 years ago

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In case you haven’t been keeping up with the markets, massive tech stocks are red hot right now. A few stocks are exploding with growth on the heels of great earning reports. Last week Google’s stock SKYROCKETED after Q2 earnings reports were way above expectation, giving co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin an addition $8 billion in net worth. A similar thing happened to’s founder Jeff Bezos: Yesterday Amazon stock soared over 16% to a new all-time high after announcing amazing revenue growth: $23.18 billion versus analyst estimates of $22.39 billion, up 20% year-over-year, according to Business Insider.



The stock surge caused CEO Jeff Bezos’ personal net worth to soar by about $7 billion. via CNBC:

CEO Jeff Bezos, who owns 83,921,121 shares in the company, made a paper gain of more than $8.05 billion prior to the opening on Friday as shares spiked more than 20 percent in premarket trading.

Bezos’ net worth jumped to $43.2 billion from $34.7 billion the previous day, according to Forbes.

According to Forbes, he is now the fifth richest person in the world. That’s some serious coin. But Bezos is a pretty low-key guy, so I have to imagine he’ll just reinvest it into something cool, like my stoner pipe dream of pizza drone deliveries.

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