Inmate Assaults Another Dude For Not Letting Him Watch ‘Springer’, Reminds Me To Set My DVR

by 4 years ago

The Smoking Gun

There are certain TV shows that I just can’t miss seeing on the reg.

You know, the standard ones like SportsCenter, Million Dollar Listing and Seinfeld reruns (sorry, I’m a kid of the ’90s), but, if I happen to go a few days without posting up on my couch and watching these, I’m not going to go all crazy.

Then again, I’m not someone in jail who is confined to a small cell as a living area.

Maybe that’s what caused a Florida inmate by the name of Antron Smith to go absolutely, bat shit crazy on another inmate because, get this, the dude wouldn’t let Smith watch his 4 p.m. episode of Springer.


The Smoking Gun

According to a story published on The Smoking Gun, Smith is now facing a felony charge for allegedly assaulting a 57-year-old man who was watching a movie instead of Springer.

The same The Smoking Gun report continues, saying Smith has:

“A monstrously long rap sheet that includes arrests for child abuse, domestic battery, grand theft, burglary, robbery, cocaine trafficking, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and aggravated battery on a pregnant victim. He is awaiting trial on various felonies related to his alleged activities as a pimp.”

Still, it’s fucking Jerry Springer, man, there has got to be better things to do—even in prison—than to watch that shit, right?

Maybe Smith was just trying to reenact every fucking episode of Springer, seeing as how they all seem to end in fights, too.

[H/T The Smoking Gun]

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