Joe Biden’s Daughter Shares The Biden Meme That Had Him Laughing For Over An Hour

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I was shocked to learn that Joe Biden only learned about the ‘Biden-Barack Bromance’ memes late in the game. I figured Joe would’ve been all over these from day 1, with a staffer coming to him to show Joe that his friendship with POTUS had birthed the greatest memes in years. Instead, it was Joe’s daughter, Ashley Biden, who sat her dad down and showed him the glorious Joe Biden memes.

One meme reigned supreme, and according to Moneyish, this meme had former VP Joe Biden laughing for an hour. So, after all this time we finally know which of the Bro Biden memes was Joe’s favorite:

That’s good, but I think there are better ones out there. I suppose it’s all just a matter of preference, and this one definitely struck a chord with Joe above all the rest.

Here are some other great Barack-Joe Biden memes to get your day going:

The Joe Biden memes will forever be the best VP memes. Regardless of political leanings, we can all agree that Mike Pence simply is not very meme-able.

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