Kanye West Got Caught Downloading Torrents, Now The Internet Is Taking A Giant, Steamy Corn-Filled Dump On Him

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Considering Kanye’s supposedly planning on suing the Pirate Bay over the fact that his latest album has already been pirated over 500,000 times, you’d think the guy would be willing to pay for other people’s music since he obviously knows how it feels to have your work stolen and distributed for free. But this is Kanye West we’re talking about here – the guy isn’t exactly known for his humility, or his ability to recognize when irony is smacking him in the face.

Which brings us to how Kanye was just caught pirating torrents and is now getting shat on by the Internet, including Deadmau5:

Don’t see what he’s talking about? Take a closer look:

point out


While the most common accusation is that Kanye’s tabs allude to him pirating music, Deadmau5 believes that he’s trying to download a wavetable synethizer program called Serum by Xfer Records, hence why it’s visible in another one of Yeezy’s tabs.

But of course, Deadmau5 isn’t the only one dealing out shit:

[H/T Daily Mail]

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