This Kid Getting His Ass Kicked By A Garbage Can Is A Metaphor Of The Struggles In Your Life

by 1 year ago

The struggle is real for this kid. Instead of taking out the garbage the garbage took him out.

This young boy is doing his errands and taking out the trash when the wind fucks shit up. Wind gusts continually cause the lid of the garbage can to fly back and smash the lad in the head.

Over and over he gets smacked in the noggin with the lid.

I respect the hell out of this boy’s parent who is recording the video of their son getting destroyed by a garbage can. A lot of parents would have let their paternal instincts take hold and save their child from harm. Not this parent. They know they have viral gold and keep recording their son get the snot beat out of him by a garbage can. That’s dedication.

Even though he got his ass kicked by a garbage can, he did not give up. He battled the wind and that fucking garbage can with all his will and might. I think we can all learn a thing or two about perseverance from this young garbage man.

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