Kid Gets A Fidget Spinner Haircut, Because 2017

by 10 months ago

Stress Spinner

The world is a scary place. take a glance at the news and there are plenty of reasons to not get out of bed in the morning: Nuclear war, cancer, the environment in shambles, the general shittiness of the human condition, etc. That’s why we need distractions, like music and memes and male rompers and spinners, the hottest craze of 2017.

The spinner craze is so hot that kids are getting spinner haircuts. via Mashable:

While everyone else is getting fades and hard parts, a young man named Ryan from Ireland showed off his younger brother’s new haircut. Yes, the 6-year-old got a fidget spinner cut into the side of his head.

Ryan said in an email that his brother got the cut at their local barber shop, and when he got home, he immediately went and showed his older brother his new do.

“At first I was just dying of laughter. I got my own fidget spinner and held it up to the cut to compare and he thought it was hilarious,” Campbell said.

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