This Kid Has Made Over $22,000 Just By Selling Black Market Candy To The Fatties At His High School

Most of you reading this aren’t making $22,000 a year. Hell, you probably aren’t even making $5,000 a year…so how does it feel to know that this 15-year-old is literally wiping the floor with you?

Oh, and he’s not selling drugs or anything that could be considered expensive, he’s selling candy and other junk food shit at a mark-up that earns him between $70-90 a day.

Let’s do some math here. Tommie Rose buys his candy and shit in bulk to save money, so we’re going to use with 36-count box of Milky Way chocolate bars as an example.

At that price and count, each bar costs around 50 cents. We know Tommie sells his candy at a stupid high mark-up, so let’s assume he charges $3 per bar and sells 30 bars in one day, netting him $90.

That means there are 30 kids dumb enough to shell out $3 for a fucking candy bar.

Tommie even has employees that he pays $8.50 a day to sell his junk food. While you and I are sitting here admiring the kid, the school is actually pretty pissed about the “black market candy” situation.

But now Tommie’s business empire is under threat because the school says it breaches their strict healthy-eating policy and he has been accused of running a ‘black market’ on sweet treats.

Teachers say he could face suspension if he carries on smuggling Lucozades, Dairy Milk bars and Doritos through the school gates.

He racked up 10 days of suspension from his old school, the Oasis Academy in Salford, as punishment for his trade in September 2011.

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Look, if your students are dumb enough to shell out $3 for candy then your school has a bigger problem than one kid selling the stuff. Maybe educate the kids on how they’re going to become big dumb cows if they continue down the road they’re on, and then throw in a lesson about something called “getting ripped the fuck off.”

Oh, but the best part of all of this? Tommie’s parents give exactly zero fucks that the school is pissed.

Gary [father] said: “He’s a typical teenage boy who saw what he wanted and worked hard for it.

“He realised that if you want to get ahead in business and in life, you have to start at a young age.

“At first we thought we should stop him selling the sweets, but then we saw that he was doing it properly, legally and sensibly so we left it to see what would happen.

Via Mirror

Parents of the year right here.

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