Shark Vs. Killer Whales: The Poor Shark Never Stood A Chance In Hell

If it was a 1-v-1 battle I’d still take a killer whale over a shark. Even if we’re talking a semi-juvenile killer whale vs. a great white shark, I feel like I’d be inclined to take the whale because of their massive brains, but I do think that fight would be close. But when you’ve got a pod of killer whales versus one solitary shark, I think we can all agree that the shark didn’t stand a fucking chance.

That shark was D.O.A. the second that pod of killer whales arrived on the scene, and even though there are two juveniles in this pod the shark was quickly vanquished and turned into a meal for the migrating whales. According to The Huffington Post, these four whales were actually part of a larger pod of up to 25 killer whales migrating past Monterey Bay, California.

(h/t HuffPo)