Is Kim Jong Un The Mastermind Behind $81 Million Bank Heist, Possibly Biggest In History?

While North Korea might not be able to successfully launch a missile to save their lives, they might just be very capable of pulling off one of the biggest bank heists of all-time.

U.S. federal investigators uncovered evidence that has them suspecting that the culprit of the massive bank heist is North Korea. Last year, thieves pulled off a remarkable cyberheist and stole $81 million from accounts for Bangladesh’s central bank at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Investigators noticed similarities in the code used in the theft and the code used in the hacking attack on Sony Pictures in December 2014 according to CBS News.

In the theft, the hackers, apparently using a global payment messaging system known as Swift, were able to cause the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to release money from the Bangladeshi bank’s accounts.

Most of the requests were rejected by officials after they apparently noticed irregularities, but a reported $81 million was released.

The money was allegedly transferred to banks in the Philippines and then laundered through casinos. Some of the money has been recovered, but most of it is long gone.

The Justice Department believes that the thieves were from China, but took their orders from Kim Jong Un’s regime.

It is not known if the Justice Department will file charges against North Korea.

Like Kim Jong Un needs more money for shitty missiles to splash into the Sea of Japan and fatty snacks.

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