The ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Crazy Dude Is Facing Deportation

Before I explain why, let's recap some of the things said on Facebook by Amy's Bakery owners Samy and Amy Bouzaglo after their episode of Kitchen Nightmares aired.

Alright. This news today is this: While Amy's has since reopened, its owner, Samy, might not be running the ship for long—apparently, he's a lifelong criminal who has been banned from France and Germany (banned from countries!), and his rap sheet includes prison time, as well as a long list of drug and extortion charges. This recent brush with fame, as well as his alleged abuse of several employees, has caused the INS to look into deportation possibilities.

I guess to, like, Somalia? What other country will take him? Everyone with an Ethernet cord has seen the Facebook posts by now.

But yeah, sleep with one eye open, Gordon. Samy might be gunning for ya.

[H/T: Eater]