Knob Creek Shoot Is An Orgy Of Guns That Turns Night Sky Into A Fiery Inferno Of Firepower

No, you did not just enter past the gates of Hell or the Nangarhar province in Afghanistan where the U.S. dropped the Mother of All Bombs on an ISIS tunnel complex. This footage is from Kentucky where the annual Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot takes place. The Knob Creek Gun Range holds this bi-yearly spectacular where they blow up shit like there’s no tomorrow.

The orgy of machine guns and explosions is known to attract over 20,000 gun enthusiasts.

Lawrence Holmes drove over seven hours from Winston Salem, North Carolina all the way to West Point, Kentucky to witness the fiery machine gun blowout.

“One of the greatest things that goes on in America,” Holmes said of the gun gala.

The ridiculously excessive display of firepower is so over-the-top that the videos are extraordinary gun porn.

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