Some Guy Lost A ‘League Of Legends’ Bet, Had To Drink His Own Pee, And Yes, There Is Video

by 5 years ago
league of legends pee bet


People make stupid bets all the time. ALL THE TIME. But when the bet involves consuming bodily fluids, perhaps your gambling habit has strayed a bit over the edge. That being said, sometimes you just have to up the stakes when it’s over something really, really important. This was NOT the case here.

Which leads us to this man, who made a bet over something so stupid that there is absolutely no way something as vile as drinking your own pee should have been involved. The bet? Reddit user mindcrime_ made a bet that a League of Legends character, Xerath, would be the next character in the game to get something called an “Ultimate Skin.” He was wrong.

“Piss tastes salty, Bear Grylls is disappointed at me,” wrote mindcrime_ in the video’s description. That’s okay though. I’m sure his mom is very proud.

H/T Reddit via The Daily Dot

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