Legal Real-Cash Poker Is Now Available in the United States

Well, good news is here. Nevada became the first state to legalize interstate online poker this year, and the first website dedicated to the real-cash game, Ultimate Poker, launched yesterday. Nevada residents can now legally play online. Other states are expected to follow.

From USA Today:

Tom Breitling, chairman of Ultimate Gaming said this “is a big moment” for the 50 million poker players in the USA “because its been this roller coaster ride over the past decade and we know taht people like to play online poker and know they can be in a safe and secure environment.”

This is the first step to the path of multiple states possibly legalizing online gaming which could generate billions of dollars.

Bree Goldman, who played in the first hand today, expects “a slow buildup because of legislation issues,” but does expect growth eventually.

“I think this will be very popular, very quickly in Nevada,” she said. “It is going to take interstate pacts in order for this to expand. Until that happens it won't be a huge explosion. But this is definitely a huge foot in the door for this market. This had to happen for legislation to pass.”


To repeat: You have to be a Nevada resident to play. But New Jersey and Delaware may be close to passing legislation, so you won't be alone long. I think I see your summer vacation…

[H/T: USA Today; Poker player image via Shutterstock]