A Man Whose Favorite Liquor Store Burned Down Pens Moving Tribute To Them On Yelp


We’ve all got a favorite liquor store. The one where they ring you up, no questions asked, whether you are buying a bottle of gin at two in the morning, or a handle of bourbon at three in the afternoon.

I had a great one in San Francisco that was below my house, and that never ever judged me, no matter how wasted I was when I walked in the door.

I can’t imagine how I would have handled them burning to the ground. My go to, gone. That’s why I feel this dude, who after his favorite spot got torched, took to Yelp to tell them how much they would be missed.


We all grieve in different ways. His eulogy reads:

This place used to have good deals on malt liquor and drug paraphernalia disguised as innocent items. Now that it burned down there is a fence around it and you can’t even get inside the building. The staff used to be so apathetic, which I liked. It was nice buying 40 ounce bottles of Old English at 10:00 in the morning without feeling judged. Now ill have to go across town for that stuff; and thats a long way on a stolen bicycle. I hope they rebuild soon so I can give five stars.

I hope so, too, dude. I hope so, too. The fire occurred in Modesto, at Serv-All Liquor.

It sure sounds like they served all.

[H/T @MilesKlee / DailyDot]