Guy Asks Little Kids For Relationship Advice And Proves We All Suck At Dating At An Early Age

Relationships are easy. People are hard. And stupid. And complicated. Maybe if we all just thought like a bunch of kids, we’d probably be better off.

Maybe not.

These young kids are just as confused and clueless as the rest of us. Especially the little girls. Dear Jesus, don’t you women watch Teen Nick yet? You’re going about it all wrong. Especially the little at the 1:43 mark who claims you can “get a text at 9am and think of the right thing to say and respond hours later ‘sorry I just saw your text.'” NO YOU DIDN’T, YOU LIAR! YOU SAW IT AT 9:01! I was just with you yesterday and you COULD NOT PUT YOUR GOD DAMN PHONE DOWN! Today I’m supposed to believe you went HOURS without checking your cell?

It’s Timmy isn’t it. It’s that little shit from the after school program. I KNEW I COULDN’T TRUST YOU GIRL I’LL GUESS IS NAMED VANESSA! I KNEW IT!

[via Canoodle Content]