The Live ‘Bear Cam’ Is Back, And You Can Spend All Day Watching Grizzly Bears Eat Salmon In Alaska

Bros, it’s back. The Brooks Falls 24/7 live ‘Bear Cam’ from Katmai National Park in Alaska. Just last week my colleague David Covucci tipped me off that the Live Bear Cam was up and running again, at that time there was just one brown bear skulking up and down the river bed. Well, I tuned back in this morning and there’s this big ass brown bear sitting just below the falls, waiting for salmon to jump out of the water and into his mouth (there’s another one there too, picking apart salmon, but it’s just the two of them right now). Seriously, does this bear not remind you of Baloo from The Jungle Book?

Live Bear Cam Alaska


Right now all of the sockeye salmon are swimming up stream where millions of them will spawn on the river banks (it’s the largest sockeye salmon run in the world), leaving behind salmon eggs to grow into salmon fry and swim down river which then grow into adult salmon and then repeat the process is repeated when those salmon swim back upstream to spawn. All the while these lazy ass bears just park their asses at the base of the falls, waiting for salmon to jump out of the water and into their mouths. It’s the easiest meal imaginable, and frankly I’m a bit jealous that those bear bros get free and fresh delicious salmon served up to them straight out of the Alaskan river without having to exert any effort at all. They’re truly living the dream.

Over the coming weeks this cam will heat up and you’ll see several bears at a time checking in for their crack at free salmon, it’s great. The perfect live nature cam to keep on in the background while you work. Now if you’re wondering where salmon ranking on my list of the ‘25 Best Tasting Fish in the World‘, and I’m sure you are, just click that link to find out!

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