Magic Trick Goes Horrifyingly Wrong When TV Host Impales Her Hand On Live TV

magic trick nail hand live tv poland


A TV presenter on the Polish morning show Question for Breakfast got more than a little surprise when a magician performed a trick that left her with a nail embedded in her hand.

As you will see in the video the magician asks presenter Marzena Rogalska to slam her hand down on top of one of three paper bags. I assume he intended for the bag she hit to NOT have a nail inside of it, but, welp, that didn’t happen.

What did happen was she does as he asks only to recoil and scream in pain as the nail pierces her hand.

According to people on Reddit who apparently speak Polish, the magician says, “Fuck! I’m sorry. I pierced your hand. I really pierced her hand. I’m sorry!”

[protected-iframe id=”561c69c2bf7a8945dce935284ae1e750-97886205-92827192″ info=”//″ width=”640px” height=”360px” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

Rogalska later uploaded a video to Facebook, with the magician alongside her, saying, “Thank you for your support. I’m alive. Everything will be fine.”

By the way, here is how the trick is supposed to be performed…

H/T Mirror; Death and Taxes

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