Craving More ‘Making A Murderer’ Content? Here’s An Interactive Map For Diehard Fans

You’ve watched and rewatched Making A Murderer 17 times. You’ve dissected every bit of evidence you could get your little amateur detective hands on. You’ve examined every theory on every Making A Murderer subreddit. Well this Making A Murderer interactive map is sure to pique the interest of diehard Making A Murderer fans everywhere.

Two incredibly dedicated MaM fanatics recently created an interactive map to show how, when and where the infamous investigation of the murder of 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach played out. Digital marketing professionals Hugo García and Paola Falero, created the “Remaking A Murderer” map about the 10-episode Netflix docuseries.

The map begins on October 31, 2005, the day before Halbach was sent to photograph a car at the Avery residence. The map then gives details about the murder investigation of Steven Avery for the murder of Halbach. The map allows you to travel throughout Manitowoc County, giving you photos, evidence and events of the case. The journey ends on August 2007, when Brendan Dassey “confessed” to helping his uncle murder Teresa.

Here’s how they made their map:

We took all the information that people are publishing on Reddit about the case of Steven Avery and organized it in an interactive and collaborative map on Google maps.Now you can find all the facts of the case in real locations, all organized in chronological order, also you can find photos and videos of the evidence and participate on the project publishing new facts or adding content that can help people take their own conclusions.

This interactive map should keep you occupied for a little while.

Meanwhile, Avery’s new lawyer is dismantling the case on Twitter.