Man Vs. Bus: Florida Man Headbutts Bus, Man Gets Knocked Out Cold

by 3 years ago

Let’s say you were angry enough to get into a physical altercation with a metal bus which didn’t actually do anything to you because it is an inanimate object that doesn’t have a brain or willpower to purposely irk you, what would your attack plan be? Throw something hard at the windows? Maybe grab a bat or golf club and smash the bus? Maybe steal another bus and slam it into said bus that vexed you. If you were angry enough to get into a physical altercation with a metal bus, what would your least intelligent attack plan be? Headbutting it with your own head by far is the worst resolution. Now if you grabbed a stranger and used their skull as a battering ram, I could almost understand that logic. But your own precious cranium? Not smart. However that is exactly what this dunderhead did.

We take you to Florida (Of course) where a Winter Haven man was upset with a bus driver who wanted to charge him an extra $2 to travel to another stop. The driver got off the bus, locked the door and went inside of the enclosed part of the terminal area. The enraged man sat on a bench for a while, then walked away.

Surveillance video shows that four minutes later the commuter, who was rocking a sweet “40 Ounces” t-shirt, was still livid over the $2 so he attacked the bus. With his head. The glass doors of the bus shattered from the man’s headbutt.

He knocked himself out for a few seconds, then got up and ran off.

He bussed up his head pretty good.

Meanwhile through this whole weird situation, the guy wearing a white shirt sitting on the bench watches the whole bizarre ordeal and doesn’t even bat a fucking eye because he is so accustomed to batshit crazy Florida citizens.


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