Bro Builds A Dream Man Cave Called ‘Skysphere’ And It Looks Like Something George Jetson Would Lay Pipe In

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Jojo Williams

Every Bro needs a man cave to bro-out in. Usually it’s a garage or a basement, but Kiwi Bro Jono Williams — a computer designer and mechanical engineer by trade — built a man cave that’s truly next level. It’s called “Skysphere” and it’s a futuristic pod that looks like an aircraft control tower. It’s the ultimate chill pad — It’s completely solar powered, boasts some incredibly dope 360-degree vistas, and has fingerprint access, a beer cooler that notifies your phone when it needs re-stocked, and voice command LED lighting, according to Curbed. In short, it’s totally a place we could see George Jetson would bang biddies in before he got wifed up to Jane.

Curbed claims the whole project only cost $50,000, which seems like a bargain for a sweet spot in the sky. The beer-serving device is just about the coolest thing ever. It’s like something a Bond villain version of Al Bundy would have.

The LED light system is sick too. Coordinate that to some music and you’re down the rabbit hole in psychedelic city. Here are more pics via Facebook and the Skysphere’s official website:


Jono Williams


Jono Williams



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