Man Charged For Driving Car Without Insurance, License Plates, Windows…OR DOORS?!?

An 66-year-old Ontario man pulled up to a routine traffic stop when, don’t you know it, he realized he left the house without proof of insurance or half his car.

Niagara Regional Police were monitoring traffic when an officer’s attention was drawn to an unplated green 2000 Dodge Caravan. As the vehicle approached, the officer noticed it had no sliding side doors, the rear windows were missing and several items were sticking out of the open doors.

A wooden stool was strapped to the van’s roof, and a triangular slow moving vehicle sign was tied across the back of the van where the licence plate should have been.

“There’s my wooden stool!” said the man “but then were is my kitchen table?!?” He didn’t say those things. Maybe he did. The guy was drivings sans doors so who knows the level of insanity we’re dealing with here.

To make matters even more comical, and on some level sadder, the guy was pulled over two weeks earlier FOR ALL OF THE SAME VIOLATIONS. He still didn’t put doors on his car after getting stopped.

Thug fucking life.

[via CTV News]

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