This Story Of A Man Who Laid In The Rain Beside An Injured Dog Is The Saddest, Nicest Thing Ever

Every once in awhile human beings actually do extremely nice and unselfish things. No, seriously, it does happen. I know it’s rare so when it something like what happened in Solano County, California took place it makes you want to just stand up and applaud. After you wipe away the tears welling up in your eyes, of course.

For you see, there is a man in that aforementioned California county who we only know as “Eric” who did something so nice, so unselfish that it just makes your heart about break.

Last Saturday a poor doggie was hit by a car and the driver just left it there, badly injured. Eric, according to the Solano County Sheriff’s Office, saw the poor pup suffering and laid down beside the dog, in the rain, and comforted it in what would sadly turn out to be its last few moments on this Earth.

Reads a post that accompanies the photo you see above on Facebook by the Sheriff’s Office

Yet another example of our great community taking care of each other.…
Early this morning this Good Samaritan, Eric witnessed a car hit a dog and drive away without stopping. Eric stopped to check on the dog and called Sheriff’s Animal Control for help. A deputy found Eric lying on the ground, in the rain comforting the injured dog. Eric stayed by the dog’s side until Animal Control came and took the dog to the emergency pet clinic. We would like to thank Eric for not looking the other way and driving by. He went above and beyond to help this injured dog. Please share and help us thank Eric.
#Community #GoodSamaritan

From me to you, Eric. Thank you.

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