Watch This Man Lose His Goddamn Mind When His Neighbor Accidentally Blows Snow On His Property

by 5 years ago


“You don’t blow it here anymore! Now clear it out! You fucking asshole! You worthless pile of shit!” – Gary the Furious Neighbor, AKA my new best friend.

Look, folks. If someone just shoveled their walk, you respect their work and you don’t throw your snow on their property. That’s just good manners. But…I can make an exception if your next door neighbor is this Gary fella.

No one wants to be tagged as the inconsiderate prick neighbor who spoils people’s pristinely shoveled walk, but it’s almost worth it to experience Gary’s fury first hand. I mean, this had to be the thrill of a lifetime for the camera guy. He’s probably dying for the next big snowfall just to piss him off again.

[H/T Anabolic Randy]

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