Genius Man Attempts to Pay Applebee’s Check With Trillion Dollar Bill

When committing a crime, it’s always best to think reasonably. Never go for the vault if the cash at the teller booths will suffice. And when attempting to pass off a counterfeit bill after eating a meal at Applebee’s (where even a lavish trip can’t run more than $35), use a denomination the restaurant is likely able to make change for and not—say—a trillion dollar bill.

Or go ahead, but you’ll wind up like Michael Williams of South Carolina, who was arrested for his actions. From

Sumter police were called to an Applebee’s last week after they received a report of a man who tried to pay his lunch tab with a $1 trillion bill.

Michael Williams, 53, tried to pay the bill with his debit card, but after it was declined, he offered to pay his tab with a $1 trillion bill, police said.

I imagine the thing was made of computer paper and colored in with green crayon.

[H/T @xmasape; Screenshot via NYMag]