PUSH NOTIFICATION: Man Tears Tendon In Thumb After Playing ‘Candy Crush’ For Weeks

You know that dude who lived on your dorm floor freshman year who was really into Anime and has been sending you nonstop cries for help in the form of Candy Crush invitations even though you’ve had only two interactions with him?

Ya, well he just got put on the DL after tearing a tendon in his thumb from excessive Candy Crush play. Out 6-8 weeks.

The 29-year-old California man went to the doctor after his thumb hurt and he was having trouble moving it. He told the doctor that he played Candy Crush ALL DAY FOR SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS. The man had played the game with his left hand while using his right hand for other things (jerking off to Candy Crush).

The doctor magnetic resonance imaging and concluded that he had torn a tendon in his thumb that required surgery. The rupture occurred where the tendon was thickest, which would cause an immense amount of pain pre-rupture.

But the man said he didn’t notice any pain while he was playing the game.

The reasoning, according to Live Science, is that certain video games can act like digital painkillers.

Researchers wrote in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal,

“Although this is only a single case report, research might consider whether video games have a role in clinical pain management and as nonpharmacologic alternatives during uncomfortable or painful medical procedures. It may be interesting to ascertain whether various games differ in their ability to reduce the perception of pain.”

So this dude could have been playing Candy Crush just to avoid that pain that followed after he put the game down. I wonder if he knows what sex is. That usually numbs any and every ache and pain. Or so I’m told.

[H/T Live Science]

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