Most Unluckiest Man Alive Gets Nearly Decapitated From A VICIOUS Tire Headshot Outta Nowhere!

When you’re in Brazil you’re wondering what could try to end your existence. You surmise that you should have a pleasant voyage as long as you don’t bang any hookers without a condom, avoid Poison Dart Frogs, piranhas, anacondas, and favelas. Then outta nowhere you get nearly decapitated from a fucking TIRE.

CCTV footage caught the moment that Roberto Carlos Fernandes became the unluckiest person. The 50-year-old man was walking alongside his daughter Caroline in Brazil when a rogue tire rocketed down a hill and SMASHED him right in the head. The head-seeking missile destroyed Fernandes, sent him headfirst to the ground, and knocked him out cold.


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Fernandes suffered severe skull and chest fractures from the accident.

“We were coming home when I heard a horn and looked, but I did not see anything,” Caroline said. “Suddenly, the horn became louder and, when I noticed it, the wheel was already on top of my father.”

Caroline said her father is feeling better. We all hope his bad luck turns into a good year.