US Map Shows The Trump-Related Things Each State Googles Most (Yes, ‘Melania Trump Naked’ Is On The List)

What with the big Presidential debate set to take place between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton I thought that this map, created by the fine folks over at Estately, seemed quite appropriate today.

Here’s how the map was developed…

Estately was curious how Americans differ in how they Google Donald Trump and Donald Trump-related topics so we did some research. First, we carefully chose a variety of terms and topics representing Trump business ventures, his various supporters, his many false statements and invented nicknames, the Trump-related questions people frequently search, and many more. We then ran them through Google Trends to measure which states search for these terms, topics and questions more than any other state.

As you will see, Oregon and Georgia are very interested in Trump’s tiny hands, while Alabama and Wyoming seem to be quite interested in the nakedness of one Melania Trump.

Texas wants to know what happens if Trump wins. (I wonder what the search results are for that one.) And North Carolina asks the question we have all pondered, “WHy is Donald Trump orange?”

Alaska, Minnesota and Virginia apparently couldn’t give a shit.

Check out the rest of the results below…

Check out the full list of results for each state over at Estately then get ready for the debate.