Marine Bro Remembers His Fallen Brother-In-Arms By Sharing A Hilarious Story On Twitter

At the risk of preaching to the choir, I’m just going to go ahead and assume that most of you bros know that Memorial Day is about more than simply drinking too much during a long weekend. So, it is necessary to every so often trim the (albeit funny) fat of kids drinking too much in the sun and reflect on the ultimate sacrifices our servicemen and women have made in order for us to be able to do things like drink too much in the sun.

Which is why this story about Marine Chris Diaz is worth reading. Diaz lost his life while serving in the Middle East on September 28th, 2011. To honor him, one of his close friends and fellow brother-in-arms Uncle Chaps shared a story via Twitter of the time Diaz embarrassed their sergeant major.

So, yes, we need to remember the sacrifices that our servicemen and women made. But it doesn’t mean we need to wear all black and pray all day. So when you’re shotgunning beers this weekend, remember why you’re doing it, and then do another one for all the people who aren’t there to join you.

[h/t TFM]

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