Mark Cuban Had Some Very Interesting Thoughts On Donald Trump Saying He’s ‘Smart’ For Not Paying Taxes

Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban (seen at the debate above) is one of the few people who can speak from a perspective of having the kind of wealth that Donald Trump claims to possess.

I say “claims to possess” because as EVERYONE knows Trump has yet to reveal his tax returns.

That, however, is something that Mark Cuban thinks is actually a genius move by The Donald.

In a recent interview Cuban just so happened to discuss those very elusive tax returns…

“The smartest thing he’s ever done is not release them because he’s created a talking point that just consumes more time so that he doesn’t have to talk about anything of importance,” Cuban told Business Insider in a Monday interview.

Cuban added that “we already know” what Trump’s taxes would show regarding charitable donations, crediting Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold for having already “ripped him apart” on it.

Fahrenthold recently wrote of how Trump used his charity as a vehicle to spend other people’s money.

“So maybe his tax returns confirm or maybe they contest what he said,” Cuban said. “But we already know he’s full of s— on tax returns on charity, right?”

So when Donald Trump stated Monday night during the Presidential debate that he was “smart” for not having paid any taxes as has been reported on the few tax returns that are available, Cuban had some thoughts on that subject, as well as using your wealth for charitable donations to help the community.

“My taxes, I get audited every year. My taxes are… it takes me 45 minutes just to sign all the different taxes that I have to spend,” said Cuban. “And I tell my tax lawyers, you know, take advantage, do what the law recommends, but I am not against paying taxes.”

He then went on to discuss how he did not try to squeeze the city of Dallas for money to build a new practice facility and how he has tried to use his wealth to help those in need including writing a $1 million check to help Dallas police and the LGBT community.

“At some point you have to recognize that you have to give back and you have to realize that this is a country that’s been great to us. You can’t just take, take, take, take, take,” said Cuban.

Hard to argue with any of that.