Mark Cuban Had To Pay $15K To Charity For Dropping An F-Bomb On TV, Then Bro’d Up And Did It Again To Make It $30K

During Saturday’s Intel Extreme Masters showdown for League of Legends players Mark Cuban accidentally/intentionally/who the hell knows it’s Mark Cuban for crying out loud said “Fuck” on television when going up against a team led by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich. We all know you can’t drop fuckbombs on television, which means Cuban was fined $15,000 for his infraction, however in a later interview it was revealed that the $15,000 is going to go to charity. Since $15,000 is pennies to Mark Cuban, he decided to say “Fuck it” and do it again just to throw some more easy money to charity, and why not? Guy clearly ain’t hurting for money.

You can watch most of the showdown below, if League of Legends is your thing:

[H/T Uproxx]

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