The ‘Master Of Conference Calls’ Is Your Worst Co-Worker, And We All Know Someone Like This

Everyone brings unique value to the workplace. Some people have impeccable organizational skills which allow them to keep track of all the moving parts of a business. Others are gifted with numbers to keep track of tee bottom line. Some think about the bigger picture, which often leads to growth. Then there are the fuck bois like this guy, the ‘Master of Conference Calls’.

I’d be laughing my ass off at this video from Above Average if I hadn’t witnessed people like this firsthand in my career. They don’t actually bring any value at all to the company or workplace, but when it comes time for meetings and conference calls they bullshit on a different stratosphere and put out the illusion that they’re actually worth a shit. Spoiler alert: they are not.

For my money, I’d prefer to work with the person who stays almost silent during a conference call and seems somewhat annoyed to be wasting time in the day to talk about something that could’ve easily been put into a concise email. That type of dude, the one who would rather be doing actual work instead of bullshitting on the phone is the type of person who will ultimately bring the most value to any company. At least, that’s what I’ve found in my time spent in the ‘adult world’.

(Shout out to Tastefully Offensive for sharing this video first!)

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